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Overseas Innovative Education Sharing: Insights from a Finland Education Expert for the Future of Learning in Hong Kong

Needs are often what drive changes to happen. With AI and atomization gradually taking a greater role in our life, students are facing a wide array of challenges and uncertainties rising from the changes in the society. The abilities to innovate and solve problems are what truly and urgently needed for our students.

The Future of Learning model is to put together life experiences and learning, and to encourage failures and multiple trials during the learning process. How does Finland’s education prepare their students for the future? What are the advantages in Hong Kong we can ride on to address needs for the future generation?

Anita Chen
Director of Technology, The International School of Helsinki
Anita Chen is the Director of Technology at International School of Helsinki and an Education Specialist and Researcher at Finnish Education NGO HundrED. She specializes in integrating student-driven technology into interdisciplinary curriculums. As a Harvard Graduate School of Education Future of Learning Leader, she is a highly sought advocate and advisor for technology-driven learning innovations and creativity. Anita helps teachers to understand the pedagogical shifts necessary to implement authentic inquiry. She has led professional development for teachers in various countries in Asia, Northern Europe, and the United States.

Overseas Innovative School Sharing: Reinventing a different kind of school within the system

Every change starts with the first step taken by the pioneers. As a leader of a school, how did the Principal see the need of the change? How did the Principal find an equilibrium between formal curriculum structure and requirement, and creating a conducive learning environment for the students? During the implementation process, how did frontline teachers actualize the change theory in their daily teaching, administrative work and student-teacher interaction? Additionally, how did the teacher see the challenges rising from the change process as opportunities for their own learning?

Laterna Magica
Laterna Magica is a free space for 850 children, with 850 individual continual learning and development plans from the age of 0 to 12. The school is a place where children develop and expand their interests while while also learning to compensate for the areas in which they are less strong. A place where no child drops out. Inspired by the meaning of school in Greek (A place for ‘free time’), Laterna Magica is a free space, a practice area. It is a place for real-life learning where time is never split into increments and never filled up. There is no barriers such as partitions, year groups, teaching hours, tests and subject to learning.
Annette van Valkengoed
MSc, Principal, Laterna Magica
As a former school-teacher, Annette van Valkengoed decided to use the approach “Natural Learning” in art, educational leadership, special education, education sciences. She set up Laterna Magica in 2007, encourage children, educators and parents joining hands to create a better society, through experiments and practices.
Jung Mi Kim
Teacher, Laterna Magica
Jung believes every student has special talent and aim to guide them through their roads to their dreams. With her 15 years of teaching experience, Jung is looking forward to creating a more sustainable learning and innovative community with different parties in school.

Education Innovations Dialogue: Reimagining education – Putting learning back in focus

We have listened to various education innovators sharing their change journeys. How about we tune in to student’s point of view now and let them tell us how they see the future challenges and what they need most in their learning? We hope speakers and education stakeholders in the audience can dive deep into discussing and rethinking about the future of learning that Hong Kong’s education innovations are leading towards.

Moderator: Ms. Ada Wong, Director of Ednovators

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