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Story of Jockey Club “Ednovation Fest”

As a charity organization and a platform to facilitate local education transformations in Hong Kong, Ednovators launched one of our key projects “Ednovation Fest” in 2016, a year-long project bringing together Innovative Educators across different sectors and around the world to inspire local innovations through talks, workshops, labs, and more. The project’s largest annual public education event is “Ednovation Fest” Experiential Day.

This year, “Ednovation Fest” decided to walk outside of the box into the community, bringing to you two district-based Experiential Days with the theme “Future of Learning” in response to different needs within districts. Whether you are a principal, a teacher, an NGO staff, a business or foundation representatives or anyone who is walking alongside the youth, we invite you to join us at “Ednovation Fest” Experiential Days with Education Innovators from Europe, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, as we discover the many possibilities of future of learning together!

Hong Kong Island & Kowloon Experiential Day
  November 23
  HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity (135 Junction Rd, Kowloon)

New Territories Experiential Day
  November 30
  Tin Shui Wai Methodist Primary School (Phase 1, Area 31, Tin Shui Wai, New Territories)

Online registration has closed. We welcome walk-ins

What is the “Future of Learning”? What are the three key elements?

In today’s fast-changing world, not only are our children learning from school — they are also receiving information from the internet, media, and communities they live in. We believe the Future of Learning should no longer focus on grades or results, or even “how teachers teach”. Instead, we should reimagine local education through understanding “how students learn”, in order to design learning journeys that suit our students’ needs.

In this year’s “Ednovation Fest” Experiential Days, let’s reimagine three key elements in the Future of Learning:

Future of Learning should be human-centered, responsive to learner’s individual needs and the well-being of educators, so that a culture of trust, respect, positive mindset and attitude can be nurtured through captivating learning experiences.

Future of Learning should facilitate learners and educators to build relationships with people, objects, and communities around them, so that we can cultivate empathy and communication skills through collaborative learning experiences.

Future of Learning should be filled with experiential and self-directed learning, where learners and educators can effectively translate their learnings into solving real-world problems, applying the values, attitude, knowledge, and skills acquired.

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Learn With Ednovation Experts

Anita Chen
  • Director of Technology, The International School of Helsinki, Finland
Rachel Lee
  • Head of Science Education, St. Margaret’s Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School, Hong Kong
Ching-Chun Chen
  • Principal, Zhanghu Junior and Elementary School of Ecology in Yunlin, Taiwan
Chi-Hua Chen
  • Teacher, Zhanghu Junior and Elementary School of Ecology in Yunlin, Taiwan
Shih-Hu Chen
  • Advisor of Social Studies, Kaohsiung Compulsory Education Advisory Group, Taiwan



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